Marvel's Wolverine (Insomniac Games)

Nothing to get excited about, yet, but their work on Spider-Man has me optimistic.
I'm not sure. They announced Spooderman 2 as well, so doesn't that mean it's probably an entirely different team working on Wolverine? Or maybe it's the Miles Morales team doing Wolverine while the original team is working on SM2?
I hope it follows the same theme and focus on narrative as the movie Logan; loved that movie and it is very reminiscent of the TLoU games for me. It could be kind of a cross between TLoU and God of War, as in set in a gritty environment with a simple story but a few complex characters that are well written and acted, and also have a well-rounded combat mechanics and upgrades to make dispatching enemies a satisfying chore every time you need to.
Yeah Deadpool and Wolverine Weapon X program Department H. This will be my next PS5 game.
It's my understanding that the game had just started development in earnest shortly before the 2021 reveal, so a 2024 release isn't surprising. Insomniac's big game for this year is Marvel's Spider-Man 2.