Marvel Heroes of War


Nov 17, 2001
If you are into Marvel this might be a fun game for you. Just some general tips to start:

Level up Def early or else people will start attacking you and stealing silver. A lot of people put points into energy and def first, so they won't have a whole lot of attack power. But what you can do is leave your money in present list (don't claim) then when you used up your money boosting black widow, then you don't have to worry about people attacking you and stealing your silver and you can claim the silver as you need it. But make sure to protect all your good cards so you don't lose cards either.

You want to get black widow referral before you start: pcz378246 if you need one. They can be fused together to make ultra rare card. But before fusing you want to max level as it gives 10% instead of 5% bonus.

You want to start doing assignments and special missions. You want to boost black widow card you get as you can fuse them later when you get more black widows. That will also help you as black widow only has 10 attack power requirement and can usually take on level 10 defenses. As you increase attribute points make sure to deck edit.

Once you have some decent def people will leave you alone, then you can start leveling energy and attack. Energy helps so you don't have to keep waiting on it to refill for missions. Attack helps so can try stealing resources from people as you level people start having high def that level 10 attack power won't do against.

Also make sure to request and add team members to max. If i have space you can add me as well. Same as username here. adding team members gives you 5 attribute points each time which can give you an early boost.