MailChimp Cutting Off ICO and Other Blockchain Content


[H]F Junkie
Apr 25, 2001
Earlier this month we brought you news that Twitter was cutting off ICO and cryptocurrency ads and now MailChimp is joining in and doing the same. MailChimp isn't totally against blockchain and the like, but you can't use their platform anymore to pump the latest ICO. As more social media joins in on this I bet it's going to really start to impact the business of ICO's.

The company then reiterated its updated Acceptable Use Policy, which states that the company “does not allow businesses involved in any aspect of the sale, transaction, exchange, storage, marketing, or production of cryptocurrencies, virtual currencies, and any digital assets related to an Initial Coin Offering, to use MailChimp to facilitate or support any of those activities.”
while they are free to accept or deny business as they please, thats an odd exclusion. As many are very legitimate businesses, doing nothing illegal.
As someone who likes blockchain/distributed ledger tech and wants to see it succeed, I agree with killing the fake, scam-ridden ICO world which is 99% shitcoins with zero purpose for their tokens other than fundraising. Gives this whole space a bad name and invites draconian regulations.

ETH is basically an ICO vehicle at this point. What this space needs are developers making useful applications for these platforms, not more shitcoins.