Lucky Draw - SilverStone ST80F-TI 800W Power Supply

No. Not planning to buy a device with USB C. Maybe at the end of the year if my laptop dies or if Android phone finally sways me away from Apple. Definitely need a PSU though.
I have no plans for adopting usb type-c unless forced to by the peripherals that I use on a daily basis or usb connectors go the way of ps/2, serial, parallels, etc.
Are you already using or planning on getting devices utilizing USB Type-C connector soon?

Not currently using or any plans for any Type-C equipment.
But whatever my next USB device will be having USB-C is going to be afactor in decission
No plans what so ever, in utilizing a USB Type-C connector.

But my 11yo ST85ZF would sure love to be put out of it's misery!
There's seems to be an unfortunate lack of USB Type-C peripherals for PC that can take advantage of it, or maybe I'm just not finding anything I need that can use it yet.
Yup. A google Pixel XL.. Will actually be deviating from apple to android... Will see how it goes..
Not soon. For now USB 3.1 has been plenty fast enough for me. Only thing I really use USB for, besides kb/m, is thumb drives, and they don't take very long to fill up anyway.
Side note: I really could use the PSU right now, the one in my main system has shit the bed and I have to wait at least another week and 1/2 before I'll be able to get one.
I have the asrock Z270 super carrier. So, if I purchase something that would equired a type c connection, then I would use it.