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I'm not using any USB type-C connectors yet, because it's been a couple of years since I saw a new phone that made me excited. But I hope to be using it soon, that connector is a huge improvement.
No, no plans for USB-C unless the next iPhone support it for faster transfer or charging. All of my storage is internal, so no need at the moment.

Kyle and/or Paul - If I win, can you autograph it? Paul - you're allowed to void the warranty in order to check everything out if it passes through your hands :D
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I'm strongly considering the Galaxy S8 when it is released so yes I will be using USB-C if I end up getting that phone.
Not currently but I plan on it. Going to be switching to Project Fi and the only supported phones are all USB-C.
No, I do not currently use any devices with USB-C. That could certainly change in the future! ;)
My next cell phone will likely have USB-c connector. So yes, I do plan using it.
Yes: - My next cell phone and hopefully new hard drives and possibly thumb drives (if it becomes a standard...)
Yes! Currently using USB Type C with my Pixel phone, and planning on adding an external HD in the near future using Type C connector
No, I'm not using any devices using the USB Type-C connectors at this time. I do have plans to buy a few devices using this technology however, like a new phone, a new laptop, and motherboard desktop upgrade.
No. No personal need for any devices using Type-C. Likely to run into something eventually but not as of yet.
No, I don't currently use any devices that have a USB Type C connector.
I wasn't really planning on it because I don't like the idea of going to yet another connection type, especially for phones, because of all of the frreaking cables that a family of 5 requires me to have in the vehicle!! Anything else, I figured I would wait it out and see if the connection actually gains momentum before jumping on it.

I do have a Yoga 900 with a USB-C port on it, but it's almost more of a 'who-cares' to me than it is/was a feature.
I have a Nexus 5X with USB-C and won't buy a smartphone without it now. In that same vein, USB-C will be a requirement for any new motherboard (even if not fully featured).

BTW: June 07, 2016, I had to search a bit to find that review (was curious about PSU review rate, good job!). Interesting to see lower and higher wattage Silverstone PSUs having less ripple. Here's to hoping that was a fluke.
Yup, my OnePlus Model 3. Aside from having to invest in a few micro-to USB-C adaptors, it's been a welcome change.
No USB-C devices currently but am open to it in the future once it becomes more mature.
I do not currently own anything USB-C. I imagine my next cell phone will have it when I get one this fall.
Not using one just yet, but most of the devices I'm looking at replacing soon will include one.
No, I am not using a USB Type C Connector. I have only USB2 and USB3 connections..

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I have USB-C connectors on my iPhone SE - and it is the only thing I have with them. I like the connector quite a bit as it is easy to connect the cable up without worrying about it going the correct way!
nope and nope
Not buying anything until is see how the new amd cpu and chipsets turns out.
Not at the moment but I know a move to USB-C is inevitable when I upgrade my Note 4.
Are you already using or planning on getting devices utilizing USB Type-C connector soon? If yes, what are they. If not, why?

Nope. I am cash poor right now and frankly I dont need anything new that utilizes that connection.
Nope, no plans to buy anything with USB C.
Until it has more widespread adoption, I don't see myself using anything that needs it. The standard looks amazing and I have no doubt that this will begin to phase out regular usb ports, but it is going to take a long time for peripheral manufacturers to get on board with the new connector type.
Are you already using or planning on getting devices utilizing USB Type-C connector soon? If yes, what are they. If not, why?

I am planning on using USB Type-C devices since SFF systems can be limited on what you can effectively put in them as well as the added versatility of using a high bandwidth port. Two items I am planning on getting is a USB-C hub to expand the SFF system USB 3.0 options and a USB-C SSD which can be used to expand the SFF system data storage and be used for very fast transfers to other computers for video and 3d animations. Future wise I will most likely be getting a new laptop with this connection, so a docking station using USB-C would be bought to easily support monitor, keyboard, mouse Ethernet, more USBs, sound etc. Why I have not have them so far is mostly due to not having this capability, peripherals limited in the past. My future upgrades will have this option making sharable devices between systems a money saver and just smarter in the end (sneaker net is alive and well and very much secure :D).
Going to pick up an SSD with a USB-C external enclosure in a few days.
Using one?
Yes, my cell phone (OnePlus 3T)

Getting one?
I am thinking of getting a DAS box, something along the lines of the Drobo 5c. That way I can move our NAS appliance out of my room and I can get all my personal stuff off of it and onto the DAS. That'll free up room for more of the movies/TV seasons I've been buying, mostly because of the cheapies BB has weekly.