Lower vdimm makes higher clocks MORE stable?!

Jun 30, 2004
Has anyone ever heard of this? I'm running some OCZ AMD Black Edition 1600 2x2gb sticks. 8:8:8:24 @1.65v.

For about a week i've been trying to stabilize my 4ghz oc but it kept bsoding/failing prime so I basically underclocked everything else including my ram. I found that the system was stable as a rock so I just left it at 666mhz.

I was bored cuz Bad company 2 servers were down so I tried setting the memory to work at stock speeds again. It failed prime again in under a minute. So i thought meh i'll try tweaking the vdimm in AMD AOD. I ran the vdimm from 1.8 to 1.65 and it took a little longer to fail prime. Then i dropped it even below stock voltage and now its been priming for 1/2 hour?!

If it was prime stable at 666mhz @1.8v why isn't it stable at 800mhz @1.8v?


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Feb 18, 2003
More heat and higher power demand on a probably marginal voltage regulation circuit are two major issues working against you when going to higher voltage.. Try a fan on the area? :D

I was doing this for the longest time to keep my Ballistix cool: