Looking to upgrade homelab


[H]F Junkie
Mar 16, 2000
Debating on what direction I want to go.

Considering 2 x HP Microserver Gen10+ units running ESXI, but it appears they are rather limited @ 64GB each.

Or, just getting my big boy pants on, and just grabbing a nice 1u unit with an Epyc 7302 or 7402 and 256GB and a
shit ton of SSD's in it.

They both offer 10GB connections, I can grab the HP's for about $550/ea right now.
The Asrock will run about 5x that with CPU and memory thrown in.

I'd recommission my Lenovo with RAID5 4TB'ers and a Dell 1U I have (strip out the 8 x 128gb SSD) and put those in the
new server(s).

What's your thoughts. Again, don't compare the $, compare the purpose and value. This is for ESX7, and a full blown training lab.
I have a Fortigate firewall, and will buy a suitable 10GB switch for the servers to sit on.


Limp Gawd
May 28, 2017
What are you testing in the lab? If you're testing infrastructure deployment components and nesting hypervisors and ACI/Netbrain type stuff I would say as many smaller nodes as possible. If you're just pushing out gen purpose Wintel boxes or app labs, go raw horsepower.