Looking to rebuild audio system, seeking advice

Seems that the center channel's going to sit inside a box and also block most of the front opening. This will create another resonant chamber, and affect bass loading. Especially if the speaker has ports other than on the front.

How many center channels are designed with this placement in mind? Near a wall? Sure. Enclosed by walls on 5 sides? Different story.

It may not make much difference, because the affected wavelengths are so long. OTOH, pulling the speaker out to plug the ports later might be a bit of a PITA, so I'd prefer to consider possible effects ahead of time.
oh ok. she can try it and see i guess. i doubt it will make that much of a difference since its just the centre and is mid/highs anyway.
its not ideal but you can probably make it work. especially if youre not one of those "audiophile" types. give it a minute though, im sure theyll be around to tell me im wrong ;)

I guess you could call me one of 'those' people. For my MIL's system, all the speakers are at 7' and point down to the 'listening area' which is a pretty amorphous concept in her house (chairs are in a massive line meaning only one seat is in the correct spot). It's reasonably okay, not ideal (not to mention the system is rather cheap but better than TV speakers), but we're talking cinema and not music listening which is a whole other ball of wax. As long as everyone who is watching is generally about the same distance away from the L/C/R speakers you'll probably have the height correct and the sound should be in phase which should help keep the illusion of everything being at the same height intact.

(Off topic: As my wife and I are planning our new house build, I've convinced her to let me have a listening room apart from the cinema. I'm still coming up with what I want the components to be... Decisions... Decisions...)

It’s all kinds of kick ass. This is the prime, not ultra. That seemed like absurd overkill.
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