Looking for video card suggestions


Jul 29, 2005
Rig in sig, but looking to upgrade my video card for gaming. I'm planning a major upgrade in about 2+ years, so this is just something to tide me over until then. Budget is less than $200, not including shipping. My resolution won't go past 1920x1200 at this point, so no need for an uber card. I don't really max out AA or AF.
I'm looking at either a radeon 280 or an nvidia 960, but also wondering if a 260 or 750 would be fine for gaming. Looking to play skyrim, witcher 2, metro LL (seriously slacking on getting to my game catalog, I know).

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I have both the 750 Ti and 960. One is in my HTPC, and one is in my main gaming rig.

750 Ti would be as low as I would go. Plays Bioshock: Infinite at mid-high settings. Should be plenty for Skyrim, although Metro would push it.


Based off these results, it will probably require medium on 1080p.

The GTX 960 is an excellent card for 1080p if you want to max out settings in most games, and have enough grunt for games liike Metro. It'ss about 60-70% faster than the 750 Ti, so I would spend the cash if you have it.

Think about it this way: when you build a new system, you can always reuse the GTX 960. There's no rule saying you have to upgrade all at once, now is there? Just based on the fact that you still have a 285, I imagine you keep your graphics cards a long time.
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