Looking for USB-C voltmeter+ammeter that can negotiate different power delivery contracts on the fly?

Nov 16, 2021
The devices I keep coming across in my current search for a decent USB-C tester always seem to have some irritating shortcoming, and one that I keep running in to is where - for one or more of the possible reasons - the lowest power level reported is always chosen (e.g. if 5V⎓3A and 9V⎓3A are available, the former is chosen).

I'm looking for a USB-C tester that, at minimum, negotiates up by default. If the tester supports selecting a new power level for it to try and negotiate a new PD contract for (when it's the only sink device present, obviously), that's even better. I'm not looking for anything special regarding the data transfer side of things. Do you lot have any recommendations?