Looking for sub-$200 data backup solution


Limp Gawd
May 5, 2007
My old Hitachi 7K250 drive has decided to start winding its way towards the trash heap. I had been keeping it in an external dock on my desk and backing up my desktop manually.

My wife is wanting to go with a network attached solution as a replacement so that the desktop and both laptops can be automatically backed up. We're on a tight-ish budget right now (who isn't?) and are trying to stay under $200 for a workable solution.

What direction can you guys point me in? Some of the Buffalo 1TB network drive options look nice.
Install a drive in the desktop, share it out, and backup laptop to the share? That's probably going to be the cheapest option. If sleep status is an issue you can probably configure wake on lan, or schedule a wakeup timer.
The buffalo devices are not too bad, albeit slow. a used linkstation may serve you well if you are on a very strict budget, just slap a newer (larger) sata drive in and you should be golden (some formatting and prep work required)
I bought an asus fusion motherboard with 6 sata-III ports on it, with a lian-li PC-Q08, and 8GB mem.

Makes an excellent file server.