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Aug 10, 2000
I just got a new phone that does not have a headphone jack. I got a coupe USB adapters but I would like to go wireless. I am not looking for over the ear style headphones. I use to have these but they had a fatal flaw. The plastic was crap and after a while the band would breal. I don't care how careful you were eventually they would break. I had 2 pairs of them and both broke, I even wrapped the cracked band with fiberglass cloth/CA glue as a suggested repair but it didn't last long. They were really good headphones until they broke. I also have some Koss Porta Pro's and I reaaly like them. But I am looking for something in this style but with Bluetooth that can fold up pretty small so there portable and have good sound quality. I have been recently using some KZ ZSN Pros but after a while they get a little irritating inside the ears, I have tried different sizes and types of cushions.

So, what do you recommend?
Thank you!

[edit] I did some searching on Amazon and couldn't really find anything. I would like something with current technology, such as USB-C charging. Bluetooth 5.0+. Most of what I have found is Bluetooth 4.x and Micro-USB, one of them was even Mini-USB. I am getting ready to start buying all USB-C accessories, such as Chargers, USB-C to USB-C cables ect. I don't want to move backwards, I want to move forward.
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There isn't much in the way of what you're looking for.
IEM's and on ear/full size headphones have basically taken over the market.
Once ear buds could be designed to reliable stay inside ears, the other types basically died off. At this point if you want wrap around headphones they're going to be some cheap Chinese brand.
The only other "compromise" on headphone type are sports types that have ear hooks, but still are ultimately in-ears.
Bone conduction you're more or less on the money too. The tech is mostly novelty. No mainline company is making 'serious' bone conducting headphones that I know of.

I know you recently posted your new purchase in the Mobile phone section. So with that, I would probably go for Galaxy Buds Pro.
If you don't want those then Sony WF-1000XM4.

I realize you mentioned that certain cushions didn't feel comfortable. I'm with you on that. I find stock silicone tips to be near unusable and I need comply foam tips (or knock offs) to wear them for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise it causes irritation and then actual pain over prolonged usage.

Otherwise you're looking into on ears, and I'm less familiar with the market there. Though things like Beats Solo3 work with both Android and iOS.
For full sized, easily the reigning king is still Sony WH-1000XM5. But these are definitely for people that are okay with using "portable" by the loosest definition of the word. The previous version WH-1000XM4's fold into a smaller size and cost less if you want to save money and are okay with not having the latest and greatest tech (the big thing for me is that the XM5's got a big boost to noise reduction, battery life, and multi-device pairing that are big upgrades over previous models + the full redesign).
Otherwise the usual competitor suspects from Bose are still there.
I realize you mentioned that certain cushions didn't feel comfortable. I'm with you on that. I find stock silicone tips to be near unusable and I need comply foam tips (or knock offs) to wear them for more than 30 minutes. Otherwise it causes irritation and then actual pain over prolonged usage.
I am actually Using Comply 500 Series Foam Original Ear Tips on my KZ ZSN Pro IEMs and they are an improvement over other silicon tips I have used. I have tried the stock silicon tips as well as aftermarket ones. I don't really feel pain, it is more of an irritation and I kind of wiggle the IEMs around and I get some relief for a while. I have a couple pair of Bluetooth around the ear headphones and with both of them and even most wired ones my ears get really hot pretty quickly.

I use to have a pair of JBL wireless earbuds, I wore them when I walked to the store one day and every step I took caused this white noise in my ears. It was very annoying, I don't recall getting that effect when I walked to the store with my IEMs in. It might have been just a fitment issue now that I think of it. Guess I will reconsider getting Wireless ear buds as well.

There are a couple of wireless "cables" that are designed to work with my KZ ZSN Pro IEMs but the reviews of them are not very good.

I guess I will open up to looking at some larger on ear headphones.

[edit] I have had a pair of Anker Soundcore Life Q20 headphones, I will give them a retry. I have the Holiday Version that came with the case. I was thinking about getting the Q20+ as they made some upgrades and it looks like they will fit into the case for the Q20s. The Beats are a little out of my budget for a while yet, and evrything else is way out of budget. I do thank you for your info and suggestions.
As for having the Latest and Greatest Tech, I have never had the Latest and Greatest tech, so maybe ignorance is bliss is where I am at. My Koss Portapro headphones sound absolutely amazing to me as do my KZ ZSN Pro IEMs. But then again I have never heard the sound quality of Sure or Sennheiser high end headphones so I don't know what I am missing.
Just seen the Soundcore Sleep A10s and I really like the design. The only earbuds I have ever been comfortable sleeping on my side with were a pair of Maxell M&M buds. they were pretty cheap but still sounded really good. The A10s are a little pricey but I will add them to my wishlist and view some reviews on them before I consider them.
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Sounds like you should just get some porta pros or ksc35's perhaps in wireless flavor
Sounds like you should just get some porta pros or ksc35's perhaps in wireless flavor
Omg, they do have Wireless Koss Porta Pro headphones!

[edit] I was looking at some Bluetooth adapters for the KZ earbuds and I learned that my KZ-ZSTs and My KZ ZSN PROs have different connectors. They look the same externally, but the ZSTs are B pin, the ZSN PROs are C pin. The adapter I am looking at only works with C Pin. I think I will just go this route for now for when I leave home and look into getting some higher quality True Wireless earbuds in the future.
[update] I seen the Soundcore VR P10 while looking for some bluetooth earbuds and I really liked what I saw. Been watching some reviews and they seem really good. There only $80 so not to expensive. Even though I no longer have a VR headset I like that I can still use the dongle with other devices like my computer and phone to get Low Latency performance. I don't like it when the sound is not insync with the video or game.

I really do appreciate all your input and patience!

[edit] I looked and they do have Comply tips for the Soundcore VR P10, that makes me feel even better about the VR P10s. LOL, I was watching a drum solo by Eric Carr on youtube with my Q20 headphones and the delay was horrid. I now there is the Aptx LL codec for bluetooth, does it not work very well, I don't see it available on many Bluetooth headphones?

Here is the info from Bluetooth Tweaker for the Q20s
[CODEC#1 supported by device]
CODEC Type: SBC, Sampling Frequency: [16]/[32]/44.1/48kHz, Channel Mode: Mono/Dual Channel/Stereo/Joint Stereo, Block Length: 4/8/12/16, Subbands: [4]/8, Allocation Method: SNR/Loudness, Min/Max Bitpool: 2/52

[CODEC#2 supported by device]
CODEC Type: MPEG-2, 4 AAC, Object Type: MPEG-2 AAC LC/[MPEG-4 AAC LC]/[MPEG-4 AAC LTP]/[MPEG-4 AAC scalable], Sampling Frequency: [8]/[11.025]/[12]/[16]/[22.05]/[24]/[32]/44.1/48/[64]/[88.2]/[96]kHz, Channels: 1/2, VBR: supported, Bit rate: 264,630

[CODEC selected by Windows]
CODEC Type: SBC, Sampling Frequency: 44.1kHz, Channel Mode: Joint Stereo, Block Length: 16, Subbands: 8, Allocation Method: Loudness, Min/Max Bitpool: 2/52

[Delay reported by device]
0.0 mS
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