Looking for Magnetic USB-C Charging Cable with Straight Connector


Aug 22, 2011
Can anyone recommend a decent magnetic UBS-C charging cable with a straight connector that sits perpendicular to the device (i.e. not an L-shaped or T-shaped connector that runs parallel to the device)? Bonus points if it also supports data transfer, but being limited to charging only is acceptable. I went searching on Amazon and Newegg, there were plenty of results, but all from brands that I've never heard of.

I just received a Lenovo Yoga C940 through work that charges over USB-C. I am accident-prone and love the MagSafe adapter on my MacBooks because they've saved me plenty of times. I was hoping for something similar with a USB-C connector.

The primary reason for not wanting an L or T-shaped connector is because they crammed all 3 USB ports (one type A and two type C) right next to each other. Some of my flash drives don't fit alongside the charge cable already and from the looks of this one: https://www.amazon.com/Magnetic-Adapter-Connector-Transfer-Compatible/dp/B07TT6NGBC it will block all 3 ports...