Looking for ideas to split one PC between two rooms (144hz & VR)


Limp Gawd
May 27, 2007
Right now I have one rig in my office (multi-monitor setup with a DP 144hz primary display) and a second VR rig in the living room. This is only because I had enough spare parts to build a second capable machine.

I'm planning to do a new build soon and looking for ways to use the new machine for both 144hz games in the office and VR in the living room in a streamlined manner.

Right now the two machines are about 12m (39ft) apart if you run a wire between them. Worst case scenario I can power down the machine and physically move it between rooms every time, but that's another hoop to jump through every time I want to use VR.

I figure if anyone would know an easier way to make it happen, it would be someone on [H] (y)
I haven't seen any displayport cables that long, much less ones that do the full DP 1.4 throughput.
Thanks for the ideas. It looks like the reality of sending high bandwidth video signals 40ft precludes any simple workarounds. But in the face of a $3k build, a few hundred bucks towards the necessary cables is pretty feasible.

I'm thinking of putting the PC somewhere in the middle, as far from the office as possible, and then try to extend the VR cables between the PC and breakout box (DP & USB3). The limit in both directions would be the DP 1.4 cable. You need the 1.4 specs bandwidth for high refresh displays, and it looks like 5m is the longest standard DP 1.4 cable you can get.n Anything longer is a powered optical solution, which is where things get expensive.

The power and LAN connections are standard, the audio only needs to run to the office, and long HDIM cables for 1080p and USB extensions are fairly common.

The next challenge is running all these cables without creating a cavalcade of eyesores and tripping hazards. :ROFLMAO: