Looking for Home theater imput/keyboard recommendations

I have not heard of any mechanical ones that are practically sized. I think some people have created their own by combining their favorite small mechanical keyboards with an adjacent discrete track pad.

I use the Logitech K400. Nothing special at all, but its cheap at $20. Reliable with long battery life. The track pad is not smooth and generally its biggest weakness. Registers touch just fine though, no issues.

I've used it sparingly, but the batteries it came with have lasted over a year of light use and still going surprisingly enough. Its been on the whole time, never even switched it off.
I'm using this: https://www.amazon.com/Mirco-Aurora...3592&sr=1-3&keywords=aurora+wireless+keyboard
Uses 2 I think aaa batteries, which it switches off after about a minute to save the battery usage. I'm still on my same batteries two years later. The keyboard is easy to type on, top is brushed anodized aluminum, uses a trackball on the top right and mouse keys on top left. To wake it up, I always just click the right mouse key so I don't accidentally activate anything. It sits in a pouch on the side of my recliner. They come up on amazon and fleabay every so often. Make sure you get the wireless version, as there is a wired aurora keyboard too. Every one I've seen is black, but apparently they came in silver as well.