Looking for: "budget" 1st mSATA drive just to make use of the port/slot


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Well since I got this monster Dell Precision workstation laptop finally and it's got an mSATA port - crippled to SATA II speeds, unfortunately, another blunder on Dell's part - I'd like to make some use of it. I don't particularly need the biggest baddest mSATA there is, of course not, and I can't afford such a luxury at this time anyway so, if anyone happens to have an mSATA card they don't find particularly useful anymore, or useful at all, that isn't dead from write wear and still could prove useful to me while I get used to such devices let me know.

I don't have a massive budget and I know I can find some new ones in some places for $50-75 for something like a 120/128GB model from some off-brands that most people have probably never heard of.

Also, if you'd consider or need anything you'd trade for such a "budget" mSATA card to get me going let me know as I have a variety of hardware but it's mainly laptop related. Hell, I even have a fully working laptop or two (a Dell Inspiron 1521 in good working condition with an AMD Sempron CPU + 2GB + a hard drive that might have a few bad sectors on it but I'm sure I can track down something that would work without issues, low capacity however like 60-80GB) if you'd consider that trade as well - I'd cover shipping for the laptop from my end.

So, if anyone can help and has something to offer feel free to contact me by PM aka "conversation" since that's what it works out as nowadays.

Thanks in advance for any info or offers, would be nice to see what this machine can do with a full load of drives (the mSATA slot populated along with the 2 internal 2.5" bays plus another 2.5" drive in the optical bay adapter I have currently.

God I do love this machine so far, only had it a few days and wasn't going to really mess with mSATA especially since Dell crippled that port to SATA II speeds but that's still going to work faster than any hard drive so I'm on the lookout for one if I can find one that works and I can afford it or trade away for it.


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Feb 27, 2001
eBay. I looked for the same a while back and never found one for less than retail prices on here so I snagged one from eBay.

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I appreciate the info and the offer or two I received but I actually sold the Precision faster than I'd hoped since I just got it myself but a client of mine saw it, made me "an offer I can't refuse," made me a nice profit so it's long gone and I'm looking for the next big thing already. ;)