Looking for a BIG laptop 18+ inches

These are the kind of people who decide they need a 67" TV, a 1550P monitor and a 9 core CPU and a sports car with a V14 engine. Also, they want a good price.
I'm not very price sensitive, and why 67" TV when you can get 85"? The larger machines tend to have replaceable disks and ram,and batteries sometimes.
Yes, I'm holding out for a 4090 18" with OLED ideally higher than 60hz.

I doubt you'll see any option like that. Although if you're willing to compromise I've seen the Strix G16 advertised with a 4090 175W AND a MiniLED HDR1000 1440p screen (I think it was 165Hz, might be 240Hz). Won't be as good as OLED but should be a massive upgrade over the traditional screen techs.
I have not seen any announcements for 18" MiniLED options.
The biggest, best gaming laptop is the MSI TITAN GT77 - which isn't even much of a TITAN anymore ("slimmed" down from 10lbs in the past to around 7lbs). The 12900HX mobile CPU is nearly as fast as the 12900K desktop CPU!

Looks pretty incredible, IMO. Probably that or the GE76 would be what I would go for when getting a "large" one.

If you don't want to do the tweaking and customizing, I have bought two laptops from HIDEvolution in the past and they've been great - not cheap, though. :)

I have a GE76 it's a hefty fella for sure, and you could easily bludgeon someone with the monster power brick lol