Lone Echo (single player): A game to get!


[H]F Junkie
Jun 3, 2005
just got done playing about 2 hours of Lone Echo, my arms are pretty sore! This game is fantastic! It feels a little strange at first, the moving around, but after a while I was flying around walls and handles no problem.

If you enjoyed the movie Gravity (the scenes without conversation and acting at least), you'll love this. The sense of scale is fantastic.

Don't forget to use the right touch stick to change your view direction, I don't remember them covering that in the tutorials.

The Touch implementation is top notch!

Haven't played the multiplayer, it looks like the arena scenes from Enders Game. But this story mode is fantastic.
I made a thread for Echo Arena/Lone Echo HERE

Echo Arena is free for a limited time, so get it while it's hot!