Logitech Wireless Performance Mouse MX

That thing looks huge.

Is there a reason for wanting to carry a mouse around for your class? It's kind of a hassle to do that every time you go to class. I'd think your built-in mouse would suffice but if you REALLY want a mouse for your class, go for portability AKA nano.
I have the previous version of that mouse (MX 1100) and it's a great mouse, but huge. I agree with naminem -- go with the nano. Also, consider a bluetooth mouse if your laptop has that built-in, though I don't know of any that are as nice as the Nano VX.
my bought these for my fiance a while ago, she loves the nano and quite honestly the best things about the nano are the tiny usb adapter, cuz you don't have to take it out or have it snap off, and it's really responsive. Of course you'll get that .5sec lag when it hasn't been used for a while, but my fiance will take out the nano EVERYTIME she uses the laptop, she hates the pad.

Oh and batteries lasted 3 years! regular duracell double aa. I also have the bluetooth version too for our htpc, that works nice too.

in short, yea travelling? nanos are good.
I would suggest a VX Nano...ive got one, got my mom hooked on it...all around great mouse for laptops....not so much for desktops though
I'm currently on the market for a mouse for my laptop. I'm going to be using this for college and will need to carry this to class. Is this too big to carry around? Or would the logitech vx nano be better?

I actually have the mouse you mention. The first one is meant for desktops and works wonderfully, but is too large and unprotected to carry around. For my laptop I have an Anywhere Mouse MX and it's the best mouse I've ever used. Not only is it compact without being too small, but it has all the buttons of the larger mouse save for one or two and comes in a very handy case to protect it. Plus obviously the transceiver is so small you can leave it plugged into your laptop without thinking twice about it.

Hope that helps.