Logitech Buys Astro Gaming for $85 Million


Jun 22, 2008
Tech Crunch reports that PC peripheral maker Logitech has bought Astro Gaming for a cool sum of $85 million. Astro Gaming is well known for its award-winning gaming headsets among eSports and console gamers. Logitech plans to expand the brand into the console space with the acquisition. The company plans to have all of gaming covered with the Astro line focusing on the consoles while the Logitech G products are strictly dedicated to PC gaming devices for us serious folks. If I didn't have my own headphone and mic set-up, I wouldn't hesitate to get an A10 headset on the cheap or maybe spend a bit for the A40 set for the MixAmp.

Logitech G obsesses over every detail to give you winning gaming devices - mice, keyboards, headsets and controllers. Gaming is our passion.

Astro Gaming creates premium video gaming equipment for pro gamers, core enthusiasts, and their lifestyles. Spun-off from design powerhouse ASTRO Studios, who felt it was the perfect time to expand their design brand into a line of gamer centric "tech-life" products, supporting this rapidly growing community.
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In before the bell:

This will make Logitech suck balls.

This will make Astro Gaming suck balls.

Carry on.
Here's what I am hoping for:

1. A mixamp unit that's actually a competent DAC/Amp
2. Headsets that are finally going to be acceptable (Kingston Hyper X at the very least to V-Moda or some of Ultimate Ears level)

Maybe too much to ask.
I used to love Logitech. The G7, G700 and MX line were among some of my favorite devices. Unfortunately about 2-3 generations into their gaming line they started focusing on retarded button combinations and flashy lights. That's when quality went to shit. Given how awful Logitech headsets are, I don't expect much from this.
I'm stuck being a Logitech fan because (sadly) nobody else is doing anything better on the wireless mouse and keyboard front. I don't own any headsets, but I was told to avoid them by some friends. Hopefully this will change that.
I ditched Logitech for Razer awhile ago and Im happier for it tbh. Razer isnt perfect but they have really improved thier mice and keyboards. Headsets are the weak point for both companies. this was a natural fit for Logitech
My favorite headset about 8 years ago was the G35. It did everything I needed it to do at the time and it was comfortable with lots of features. The problem was that the swivel joints on the cans were fragile/brittle and they broke 3 times in 2 years and then broke again shortly after the warranty expired. That pretty much cured me of "gaming" headsets - I tried one more from another brand but it also had QC issues.

V-MODA has decent sound but I mostly use them because they are built like a tank. All metal and they snap back together after a nasty drop.

I'd be willing to try some of the new Logitech stuff but the G35 issue was almost unforgivable and it would take a lot to get me back.
I use Logitech keyboards + mice, but for headphones, I'm currently using a Beyerdynamic + external mic + separate DAC/Amp. Logitech has made some improvements in their headsets, but they are not nearly at the level of the Kingston HyperX Cloud series, in terms of sound quality -- that is probably the weakest link in their "gaming" lineup.
In before the bell:

This will make Logitech suck balls.

This will make Astro Gaming suck balls. <------ This one.

Carry on.
Logitech's game my be awesome on the peripheral front, but their headsets have always been shitty.
I have an A50. It is by far my favorite wireless headset by far. It also works with the PS4. I only see Astro going down hill from here.
Are there any wireless headsets that work for the PC, PS4, and Xbox One? I honestly don't even care if the audio quality is particularly good, but I am interested in a decent/comfy mic.
Copy and pasted PR statement that was sent out by Logitech, just FYI...
I have never heard an Astro product that sounded like it was worth half its price. Logitech couldn't make Astro products any worse, but lets see if they can make an effective use of their branding.
I think they are mostly buying the branding here, particularly Astro's hold on the console space. Neither companies' headsets are particularly good, although the Mixamp is better than any surround stuff Logitech does. (Which isn't saying much.)

Creative's SBX surround solution is still better than the Mixamp though. I'd like to see Logitech, or anyone really, compete with their offerings in the "gaming" cross-platform-capable VSS DAC/amp space. Maybe acquiring the VSS tech and the licenses in this deal will enable Logitech to take this to the next level?
I have an A50. It is by far my favorite wireless headset by far. It also works with the PS4. I only see Astro going down hill from here.
I've been using my a50 worth my PC and my xbone , works great. Just need a sound card with optical in and you're set.
Good old Logitech, where the paint wears off the keys and the mice have HID glitching in some games.