LLL (PC and console)


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Jun 29, 2004
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Jaehyun Bae on LLL, a new “trailblazing” project from NCSoft that will uniquely blend third-person shooter and MMO:

LLL is a sci-fi game, but it can also be seen as a game that falls under a sub-genre of alternative history. It takes place in a world that started with the idea that the history we know progressed differently due to a particular event in the past. In 〈LLL〉, a devastated Seoul, the 10th century Byzantine Empire, and the 23rd century are all blended together in the same lore.

The world of 〈
LLL〉 is a vast open world in which more than 30km of land area is seamlessly connected to a single environment. The core elements that make up the open world are uninterrupted loading and movement. To convey a seamless environment, we implemented content streaming and utilized the most cutting-edge rendering technology.

We also introduced a procedural creation method to provide content that reacts appropriately to the player’s situation instead of playing preset content on repeat within the open world environment.

The difference between 〈
LLL〉 and other existing NC games and Korean MMOs is that it focuses on giving each character specific characteristics. Each character has a unique name, and there is a background story that explains each character’s past and driving forces. Storytelling elements will be emphasized to show each character’s unique personality.