Linux Media player?


Loves the juice
Sep 25, 2002
I just installed Fedora Ccore 2 and have no way to listen to MP3's and or watch MPEG videos on my OS.

Can someone please recommend something I can install on Fedora?

Does Winamp work on Linux? Is there something that is favored among Linux users that will work with Fedora Core 2?
I have posted this before, but could still prove useful for fedora.

I found this
It's for RH8.0, but you could try it.
xmms is a pretty nifty and very similar to winamp.

you'll need to look for a package called xmms-mp3 since redhat disables mp3 playback by default. the main reason is, iirc, the license of the mp3 codec.
I am using apt-get utility with fedora and when I select

apt-cache search xmms

I see it listed there.

All I need to do is install this I guess...

apt-get install xmms

Thanks all.
xmms for mp3s, you cana use wine to run winamp if you want, works perfectly. ANd mplayer for watch mpegs, avi's, etc.
For music, I like Rhythmbox myself, but XMMS is also good.

For video, either Mplayer or Xine will work well.
Mplayer and Xine can play both music and video. The thing is, I haven't found a player that can do both and have a music library like Windows Media Player. It really makes no difference to me though; I've always used a separate app for video and one for music in Windows or Linux anyways.

edit: if you just want to use Windows Media Player, install WINE and run WMP through that.
I find mplayer has better postprocessing, but all in all, they're pretty much the same.
Flak Pyro said:
im using xine right now, is Mplayer any better?
it's very much a personal preference thing. i'm more of a fan of totem (it's xine for gnome). as long as it compiles properly, mplayer is a dandy.