LightScribe Shootout: 1260i v. 1270i (HP)


Oct 8, 2002
Here's a rather perplexing situation - the pair of HP burners are apparently both new (to this retailer), and the price difference is $10. There is, AFAIK (from the descriptions), NO obvious feature difference. Both are SATA, support LightScribe, support DL media, support 24X maximum burn speeds, etc. Would purchasing the less-expensive drive (for the PC below) be a mistake? (This would be my first SATA optical drive, but would *not* immediately replace my existing PATA optical drive.)
Well, according to the HP DVD engineer program manager in the next cube over, the 1260i isn't a Lightscribe drive. What retailer is offering these and are they advertising both as Lightscribe capable?
Thanks for the heads up. We'll be working with that vendor to get their ad copy corrected.
Sorry to resurrect an old topic, but the 1270i is not discussed in many places.

I understand the base for the 1270i is a LiteOn, but I was wondering what the specific model would be? I'm thinking it would probably be the iHAS424B, since that is LiteOn's LightScribe model.

Thanks SO much for any assistance! :)