Lightscribe duplicator, which is best, do I have a label designed?

DJ Big T

May 15, 2011
Me and my business partner run an entertainment company and we are looking to purchase a lightscribe duplicator that will burn the design and cds efficiently. We have several musicians/artists in the area that want their mixtapes / cds pressed quickly and efficiently for promotional purposes.

I want to pull the trigger on this:

My question is do I have to have it burned with the lightscribe already burned into it beforehand or does this come with some software that interacts the computer so I can design the label. I looked through at least two to three different options.

My business partner wants to buy this: but I see the reviews are terrible.

I was also looking at the

Our budget is roughly 600-700, I'm wililng to pay 750 for the 7 if it works well and is efficient. We have orders lined up and we don't have time to delay.

Thanks in advance for your help,
Lightscribe isn't that great. I had a Lightscribe burner on a laptop I used to own. They weren't that great.

You would probably be better off with an inkjet printer capable of printing directly to disc and colour too.
Look for a an old working Rimage PrismPro on eBay. They can be had for $1000 or less in the used market and will give you fast, professional, cheap thermal printer on silver or white discs. LightScribe takes FOREVER to burn just a single disc. If you're looking to make anymore than say 10 discs a week, you're not going to have a good time. We have PrismPros at my work and print 500-600 discs/day on one for pennies each.
Lightscribe takes 20 min per disk. Still willing to do this. Time is not a problem if I can spend a full day burning and light scribing 100 CDs, that's $150-200 per order. All we do it put inserts and sleeves on them. Not easy money but I'm willing to make it work.

So far what's going to happen is going to run a couple of these machines, and maybe the SA version? Right now I got ripped off by an eBayer where it runs both drives, which doesn't work. I'm going to duplicate CDs primarily then do light scribe if that's the order. Otherwise, it would make sense to ALSO do inkjet labeling, incase the customer does not care about the light scribe gimmick.
It is up to you but from my experience of using lightscribe discs is that the print burn isn't that great after the first few burns. Plus you have to store the discs in storage that will not destroy them. And they are more expensive than other discs. Verbatim 25 CD-R lightscribe discs were almost twice the cost of normal ones.
I'd go for something like this so it was more professional looking.

There are a lot of cheaper ones on ebay too, might want to look into that. I'd go for an inkjet/laser over thermal so you can do color also.
Old thread but I will give my input as I am in the industry.

I work for a large duplicator parts manufacture (they supply hardware for some of the biggest duplicator resellers including Systor and Produplicator).

Lightscribe was discontinued by HP a while ago so its EOL (notice no new LS drives have been out recently).

Also the discs are finally reaching EOL as well. The final order from disc manufactures for LS was a few weeks ago so when all resellers run out... You will not be able to get lightscribe discs again.

Since you are in LA you should chat with me about what you are looking to do and QTY wise. I'll help as much as I can with discounts and advise (FYI I am near LA so would be easy to meet up if needed).

My recommendation is Solvent printer but it isnt too cheap unless you DIY it which to me isnt so bad (attached is a picture of something I printed at home on my DIY solvent printer)

Silver top disc, black text, waterproof, scratch proof (I own this Audio book so please keep the piracy claims away) forum/IMG_20131225_112726.jpg