Lightroom 4.4 brush performance


I said WEENIS, not...
Apr 10, 2006
So when using brushes in LR 4.4 I've noticed they run like dick on my 36mp images from my D800. Now I don't see a reason why this should really differ from 12mp images due to the modifications being to the same amount of area (pixel wise) when at 100%. Even if it were more the modifications are relatively small. These are the only real slowdown issues I have, I'm wondering if anyone else experiences this w/ LR 4.*?

I know LR5 came out but who knows if it runs any better, it supposedly does but other than a bit of latency (maybe 100ms) for zooming in on 36mp images it runs perfectly fine on my machine.

i5 3570k w/ 16gb ram with LR on my Samsung 820 256gb SSD pulling from files on my 3TB seagate 7200rpm drive (believe the cache is 64mb on this drive).