Lian li GPU Riser issue & RMA


Oct 17, 2000
I picked up a Lian Li X1 GPU Riser for my card, however I could not get the card seated. The GPU and riser are about 1-2mm off and I really tried to get the GPU seated without using G forces that would break the GPU. After I surrendered, I looked at the GPU riser closely and noticed that I had accidentally used too much force and now the riser PCIe slot has taken some plastic damage where the notch is. I guess while trying to seat the card it pushed some of the notch plastic into the socket. Either way, the card wouldn't fit, but now I'm wondering what my options would be for RMA? I did try to adjust the 2 screws holding the PCIe slot in place onto the riser, but those don't provide much room. Less than .5mm