LG 27GL650F-B G-Sync Compatible Display


Jun 23, 2016
Has anyone tried the LG 27GL650F-B G-Sync Compatible Display? I just opened mine. It shows up as a G-sync compatible display and is certified by Nvidia. I'm just wondering if anyone has tried playing with it? I get 144 Hz at the UFO test. It seemed a bit choppy playing BFV. I have an RTX 2080 with everything on high. I'm wondering if anyone else has my specs using this card and is getting legit 144 Hz and up to 144 FPS? I've gotten that on BFV, but it's been a little choppy! Just wanna know if anyone is getting this too. I lowered the response time and it was smoother. Thanks in advance!

LG says it's certified by Nvidia as well and Nvidia backs it as I chatted with them.