LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Air Cooler Review @ [H]


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May 18, 1997
LEPA NEOllusion RGB CPU Air Cooler Review - LEPA comes to us today with a new air cooler that is specifically focused on users that are looking for a little more bling inside their desktop computer build. And while really cool lights may or may not be your thing, we wanted to see just how the NEOllusion performed when it comes to its primary function, CPU cooling.
Thanks again for a thorough review. I'm still air cooling everything and not quite ready to take the plunge into liquid. I've been pretty happy with the hyper212's I've used but looking to the future(next 2-3 years) now for my next build. Your PSU and Cooler reviews are going to be a big help.
The editor's note on this really was a great way to get a different view of this product. For $60 you can get a competent air cooler, which is quiet, and a way to easily add some RGB lighting. I'm not sure how much a strip of RGB LED's is, but depending on how much light this thing throws, this could actually be a smart buy for someone who wants that illumination. I started the review thinking "god, more dumb RGB trendy junk", but if I wanted to add RGB to a build, this might be the most practical way. Good review as always. (y)
all this RBG stuff is to much, especially if/when price jumps product out of performance range.
I am going to guess a CM 212evo would do as good, maybe slightly better.

Kyle I think you need some more air coolers in list to compare well, currently your on high end air, but mostly water coolers.