Lenovo G50-45 boot problem - - black screen.


Limp Gawd
Oct 14, 2007
My Nephew asked me to help him out with his laptop. He has a Lenovo G50-45 laptop that came with Windows 8.1.

he told me the laptop has been sitting idle for the past few months and that he recently installed a new LCD screen.

The screen looks ok and displays things fine. After the Lenovo logo the laptop just goes to a black screen.

I took the HD out and put it into a HD dock. The only folders I see are Applications and drivers.

The laptop was supposed to come with a hidden recovery partition. I tried to start the recovery just goes to black screen.

I have a window 7 disc tried starting the install boots to CD/dvd Loading files then starting windows after

about 15 seconds goes to black screen and drive goes idle.

I am considering Installing Linux Mint 18. At least it goes to the Linux Mint screen I did not have time last night to start the install.

I did have time to burn a windows 8.1 dvd I downloaded. same thing goes to black screen after the starting windows appears.

Please any suggestions and help would be apprecciated. If anyone has a Lenovo G50-45 and wouldn't mind sending a restore dvd my way that would be awesome.
Thanks I didn't know you could download Windows 10. I will try this later. Let you know how it goes.
Not sure if there is a License key on the laptop. I have not seen one.