Lenovo entering VR arena with sub $400 contender

Feb 3, 2014

Comes with two 1440x1440 panels, supposedly does room scale, no mention of motion controllers. No word on a release date.
While it's nice to see a major manufacturer attempting to enter the market, it looks like they had to make some concessions to get the price point under $400.

It's also a little concerning the headset Engadget tried wasn't hooked up to anything.


[H]F Junkie
Nov 23, 2006
IMO, it's not about the $$ but what experience it will give. If it works as good as a vive/rift but is cheaper, then yeah. That is assuming the games work good, headset, etc are all comparable. I would rather have an awesome VR environment then a cheap piece of crap.
It might also be good to drive the prices down a bit across the board?
Oct 16, 2016
I see they went with a PSVR-esque design. Hopefully, that means plenty of long-term comfort. It even flips up like the Forte VFX1 of old if you need to look into old-fashioned reality again, too! I'm sure VR developers have wanted something like that for quite a while now, as even the Rift's spring-loaded fit is cumbersome to take on and off by comparison.

However, if they don't have OpenVR/SteamVR support for this thing, it's dead in the water from lack of content already. They can also forget about room-scale if there's no tracked motion controllers to go with it!

Without the controllers for room-scale, that leaves seated cockpit simulations, where the slightly higher-res panels may give this thing a slight edge, assuming other aspects of the image quality don't suffer horribly, like refresh rate or lenses with a narrow sweet spot and tons of chromatic aberration (as any Gear VR user has experienced).

The lack of a motion controller option has me wondering who will fill the gap here for all these upcoming Windows "Holographic" HMDs and what additional inputs they'll standardize on. Sixense missed their opportunity with the STEM System getting so delayed that it's still vaporware, even with the Vive AND Oculus Touch already on the market!


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Sep 2, 2004
I would be amazed if this tracked as well as the Vive or Rift, but if so...hell yeah.