LEGO my case-o...


Mar 18, 2003
First let me say that this project has the potential of not getting done or just taking a while, so forgive me ahead of time if either of those scenarios comes true ;)

I doubt I'm the first to do this, infact I think I remember seeing something like this a year ago but I can't be sure. LEGO is fairly light weight and I have a ton of it, so it seemed like a logical conclusion to make a case from LEGO pieces.

The sacks w/ Black sorted out (the right A&P bag):

LEGO case 003.jpg

Most of the blue sorted:

LEGO case 001.jpg

The MOBO tray so-far:

LEGO case 002.jpg

LEGO case 004.jpg

LEGO case 005.jpg
The only LEGO cases I have seen were pretty... well... not good... at all.

It is looking interesting so far, can't wait to see how it plays out. That is going to be one computer that you can't kick when it randomly freezes on you :p
ive only seen one lego case before but it wasnt a pretty one the guy just took random pieces. this one should be a lot better.
Looking good! I have just as much Legos maybe I should start building my own Lego case. I wonder if I can build another Boba Fett Helmet again. :D
Well I really hope you get this case done and keep us posted. I used to a 3 foor long, 2 feet wide 2 feet deep chest of LEGOs. GO LEGOS! Hay all our modding experiance had to start somewhere.
I still have 3 giant 3ftx2ftx2ft containers of Legos in an empty bedroom closet. Those were the days... oh man.
Man I used to love legos (still do), I have a bunch of legos somewhere. Man me and my brother used to use all of the legos we had and still wanted more. The greatest thing is I know that some of my creations are still in those buckets (prob needs some work done to them) but they are like 10 years old.

what has happen to JVP, he posted that one post and thats it :confused: . I want to see the finished piece.