LCC Computer


[H]F Junkie
Jan 13, 2005
Hello, I own a small OEM Building company called "Leon's Custom Computers" or LCC. I was wanting to get your opinions on this computer I sold to a customer just the other day.

Antec SLK3000 Black Computer Case
AMD Athlon 64 3400+ 2.4Ghz Socket 754 Processor
MSI K8N NEO3-F nForce 4 Motherboard
1GB PC3200 DD400 PQI Power Series RAM
eVGA Geforce 6600GT PCI-Express
Western Digital 250GB 7,200RPM 8MB Cachce Hard Drive
BenQ DVD Burner
Floppy Disk Drive
Logitech Internet Pro Black Keyboard and Optical Mouse
Windows XP Home Edition w/SP2

LCC's Exclusive "Evolution (TM)" Digital Image Gallery - Free
LCC's Exclusive "Clean Wire" Wire management - Free
LCC T-Shirt, and Mouse Pad - Free

Shipped for $1,100

What do you think of that? This is for a light gamer who mostly plays Never Winter Nights, and works with Flash MX 2004.