Lazy VR mobile cabinet.


Mar 19, 2006
First time posting in Worklogs so be gentle. This will be my second custom case in 15 years.

Background: I'm really getting into playing VR on the HTC Vive. I just got WidmoVR prescription lenses so I could actually see while playing as glasses were difficult. My VR setup is in my living room and my gaming PC is in my bedroom. This needs to be remedied. Friends suggested putting wheels on my case or getting a handle to make things easier. Well I'm so lazy I'm going to build a custom mobile cabinet for everything instead!

Parts List:

Case: IKEA Oppland dresser.
Motherboard: MSI Z97 MPOWER MAX AC
CPU: Intel 4790K @ 4.0-5.0Ghz depending on day.
GPU: PNY GTX 1080 Ti XLR8 @ 2Ghz
RAM: Mushkin DDR3 @ 2400Mhz CL 10/9 depending on day.
Power supply: Seasonic Snow Silent 1050W
SSD: Mushkin 1TB Reactor.
HDD: Toshiba 3TB RAID 1
VR: Vive of course.

Radiator: Aquacomputer Airplex radical 2 360mm
GPU Block: Watercool Heatkiller IV
CPU Block: Watercool Heatkiller IV Pro
Fans: Whatever I can find in the bin.
Pump: Laing DDC ripped from an old G5.
Reservoir : XSPC DDC Top.
Tubing: PVC soft tubing.

I've also got a Lian Li motherboard tray on the way because I need to make this less stressful on myself and I lack access to a full shop these days.

Build Idea

I'v obtained an IKEA Oppland dresser unit that I will be converting into a PC case. I know this isn't as fancy as building from scratch but as I said this is a lazy build. The bottom drawer area or drawer depending on fit will become the PC and the top drawer will be used to store all the VR components and accessories.

Pictures so far


This is what I'm currently using without my case to play


The victim!


Initial sizing and fit


Cardboard cutout mock up to plan layout.


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Parts are starting to arrive from their respective vendors. Got in the motherboard tray and water cooling parts, will post pictures tonight. Should be getting in casters,cables, and monitor by end of week. Test fit and minor building to begin Saturday or Sunday. For now I'll post some of the build ideas for consideration or comments:

Bottom Of The Drawer:

Four swivel casters are going to be mounted between the cabinet legs due to maximum height concerns. Basically the entire cabinet plus wheels and monitor folded down must fit under my current desk which limits me to 27.5 inches total height. This will mean most of the caster height will be obscured by legs and the floor clearance will only be 0.5 inches. Hopefully when the monitor stand gets in I can determine if I can even get this within the height budget. Additionally I have a bunch of 140mm fans now left over from the previous build that I am trying to figure out the placement under the floor of the cabinet for additional intake/exhaust airflow. Wire and power delivery will mostly be installed here as well.

Top Of The Cabinet:

Using a Wearson WS-03Y monitor stand I should be able to fold down the monitor to be flush with the cabinet top (plus stand thickness). This will let the unit be an all in one system while in VR mode. Throwing in a thin aluminum keyboard and cheap mouse complete the top setup.

Front (Panel or drawer face?)

This is where things get fun. Finding parts online for what is already included in most cases seems to be much harder than I thought. I'm going to convert PCI USB brackets that came with various parts of the years to create the front panel IO along with an HD audio plug from an older Dell. The Vive breakout box is going to have to be crammed into this somehow, might mount this to the bottom of the drawer.
I'm looking forward to seeing how you handle the airflow concerns. Drawer builds are fun, but they have the added complexity of a box within a box. Good luck!
If the point here is to save effort, wouldn't it make more sense to just build a second machine for the living room?

Edit: I like the idea of making the living room PC into a piece of furniture, though. I just use a case for mine, and it clearly looks like a PC on the floor.
If the point here is to save effort, wouldn't it make more sense to just build a second machine for the living room?

Edit: I like the idea of making the living room PC into a piece of furniture, though. I just use a case for mine, and it clearly looks like a PC on the floor.

The build is borderline ironic but the impetus behind everything is as follows: I've always wanted to watercool a PC, so why not my current build. I've always liked the idea of desk PCs so a cabinet PC just seemed like a good idea to combine the storage. Thirdly the cabinet is not primarily living in the living room it is actually going to be mobile with casters (just got in today). This way I can move it to the living room when I want to VR without having to deal with a completely separate build, especially with the price of 1080Tis right now. Additionally I don;t have to rebuild a gaming setup in the living room every time I want to play. The monitor will be integrated for mirroring and it includes speakers for those around me to hear what's going on. Power distribution is also going to be integrated so the box is plug and play.

Hope this clears it up. More pictures this weekend to make things make more sense.
It's been a month of mostly me being lazy and having to do other stuff but updates are in order.

Got the water loop built and bleeding tonight. Radiator is installed in the drawer and missing parts are all here. Sadly the monitor mount sucked and the monitor has recessed VESA mounts so that idea is getting harder to implement. Just need to cut holes for the ventilation and cables and I'm done. Will upload pictures when I have access to a working computer tomorrow.