Laptop Makers Are Asking Manufacturers to Move Out of China

Oh, but I thought orange man was bad for making this happen? Lol
For Chinese, there are two kinds of people. Chinese and not-Chinese. They see every country as either their enemy or not worthwhile enough to be their enemy yet.

even among the Chinese, there is the Han Chinese and Non-Han Chinese.
even among the Chinese, there is the Han Chinese and Non-Han Chinese.
Yes, but that's secondary.
They also divide themselves by region/province/city/level of education/wealth/etc (common just about everywhere to one degree or another I guess)
However, first and foremost they are all Chinese.
In general I would admire a nation whose citizens recognize with their nation on the level Chinese do but it's forced, artificial, and cartoonishly exaggerated here to a level of "WTF?!"

I tried writing a few sentences to elaborate on what that means but it's difficult for me to explain well. It may be a cop-out....but I think you'd have to spend a fair bit of time here to understand. If I was a better wordsmith and/or it wasn't nearly 1am perhaps I could paint a picture.
It's the trade war, nothing more nothing less.
It's too soon to flee from the actual effects. It's also the Chinese economy slowing/falling no reason to be their. Extortion on access to their market is why people went there. Now that things are souring its setting up a positive feedback loop. Those pesky spy chips aren't helping.

Trade War was always in play. It's deciding to acknowledge it.