Laptop GL752VW Keyboard backlight stop working is it broken?


May 9, 2021
The backlight stopped working and it's usually adjustable from the keyboard like: FN+F3 and FN+F4. It's very nice to have in a dark rooms.
I read that one can reinstall the Asus driver Asus ATK_Package_V100061 witch controls this and I did, but all other FN command work like FN+F5 för screen light and FN+12 for music volume so my question is, is the keyboard then (hardware) broken? I also did an Asus Bios upgrade.
I also opened the laptop and the cable is attached correctly to the keyboard.
There are two cables one large for normal operation and one small for this backlight.

Any idea what to to?
Is there some more Software settings I can toggle to get this working?

Bios settings?