Landscape or portrait?


Supreme [H]ardness
May 20, 2011
These days I seem to spend much of my time - and most of my non-gaming time - using a portrait-mode monitor. It's just so much more convenient when browsing forums like this one and websites like [H], reading documents, and when working in Word and similar. Really, for anything text-based. And also for casual Youtube use, funnily enough: those annoying adverts which would otherwise cover the bottom of the video get pushed to the bottom of the screen. Excel obviously prefers the landscape monitor. Websites can look very peculiar on my 4K monitor with huge adverts either side.

How about you?
So I use both landscape and portrait at both work and home, I couldnt ever imagine being constrained to just one of the other now that Ive been doing so. You are very correct in that MOST websites look better in portrait mode, but sometimes you want more work area left and right... I do still play games quite a bit and that is where your standard landscape orientation shines.
I use 40" UHD in "normal" landscape mode, but keep all the windows opened in the central 4:3 area, because at 22" of viewing distance the sides are just at too much of an angle. Also, full window renders ridiculously long lines of text on forums like this.

In general 16:9 displays are too narrow to pivot into portrait mode. Fortunately, PC manufacturers woke up to the reality and now 3:2 2-in-1 laptops/tablets are common. (The 3:2 aspect ratio is shorter/wider than 4:3, yet slightly taller/narrower than 16:10). I find reading pdfs on such device in portrait mode more pleasing and comfortable experience compared to my desktop 40" UHD. For browsing web 3:2 tablet in portrait mode is OK, but 40" UHD is better.