Lady Gaga Could Appear in Cyberpunk 2077


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Mar 3, 2018
According to's anonymous sources, Lady Gaga could show up as a character in Cyberpunk 2077. The star was reportedly seen entering CD Projekt Red's studios, and some sources claimed that she went there for some kind of motion capture performance. Lady Gaga is no stranger to motion capture technology, but just what role she'll (allegedly) play in the game isn't clear yet. The site's sources also corroborated previous rumors suggesting that CD Projekt Red would announced a release date at E3 2019, and mention that rumors of Lady Gaga's participation stretch all the way back to 2012. Thanks to cageymaru for the tip.

Of course, it will be necessary to wait until the event that will take place in June to see this in pictures but it is apparently the plans currently planned, although the information needs to be confirmed. If all goes well, the date should be unveiled at E3. However, the plans could very well be reviewed by then since the studio wants above all to refine their creation and we are told that it is not written in the marble. If we start now with the assumption, it is not unlikely to see the game be in the limelight during the Microsoft conference with why not, an appearance of Lady Gaga.
Please don't go that way.

I'm definitely against personal cults.
Never watched any of her music videos, nor do I know what genre she does.
As long as they do a good job, IDC, just like hearing famous babies being born.
*Now I'm back to looking at past stars and what they're currently doing.......
I'm all for adding a celebrity to a game as a voice for a character as long as its done well. Ideally they should get William Gibson to do some voice work for the game.
Dont care about lady GaGa

as long as its not impacting the gameplay/story in any way then yeah that might be a fun side thing.
cant really get mad about it. could be fun to shoot her right in the :cucumber emote:
"but just what role she'll (allegedly) play in the game isn't clear yet. "

Be kind of strange to have her come play a nomad or suit. Rocker makes perfect sense.
I don't see there being much of a crossover between lady gaga fans and witcher fans? Maybe she's a fan of the series?

and now I have a weird urge to go play some Omikron :)
What ass?
It's not huge or anything, but, at times, it's been good. Better than the usual ass-deficient women in games. Look at DOA. Breasts LITERALLY FLYING EVERYWHERE, and no real ass to be found. It's a travesty:LOL:

Lady Gaga is pretty enough. Haters in here gonna hate. But I'm also a part of the crowd that says "who cares". It won't impact my buying or not buying of the game. I just care care if the game is good. Not if "x" celebrity is in it.
As long as her being there doesn't impact immersion or gameplay its fine. If it helps them sell more copies and make more games of the quality of Witcher 3 then i'm all for it.
Known talent isn't bad, sometimes these low budget actors just show through in games. Just as long as they are going for what she can offer, not just using her name
meh i'm fine with it, wouldn't be surprised if they have a club or something where she's singing which could be pretty cool. also agree with what DNMock said.

now if she actually plays an important role in the game, screw that.