KÜHLER as it Gets! - Antec Big [H] Giveaway!

antec makes good products, and they are giving itaway for free thats so awesome of them. and also i like how it tells you the noise and temps
WELL, I like kuher because it makes my cpuz cooler? GET IT HAHAHAHAhAH LMAROFL
I have just warmed up to ASUS as a manufacture over the last few years, a friend of mine had a really bad experience with them once, and I avoided them too... Now I own a GPU, 3x27" LCDs, and even my DVD burner is an ASUS... I would be proud to own a Kuhler!!!
Never tried the product so I can't say if it's good or not, but I like all my other Antec stuff.
What I like about the Antec KÜHLER is the performance for the price. They are excellent products for the money. Plus, they look really cooler than the competing Corsair products.
I have always heard Antec products are good stuff. What do I like about them? The chance to find out for myself!
I need a new cooler for my new build, I like this cooler because it can be pretty quite. My build is a HTPC so quite is good.
For people like me that want to use water cooling but dont want to make their own setups, this solution looks like a winner.
A free one of these would be double win.
Sweet, finally a low profile cooler. Looks great.

Oh, and here is a dog for you as well.
Their customer service is great.I needed a usb connecter for my case and they sent it for free!