Katamari Damacy Reroll

Ehh...at least it's only $30, but I'd rather have a new title rather than a remake of the ORIGINAL game (not even Beautiful Katamari or Katamari Forever). Played the crap out of those on the PS3.
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I can still hear the theme song from years ago... The music has a timeless, quirky J-pop charm and the entire game has an excellent soundtrack, with every level an entire experience of closely aligned music and gameplay.

This is great! I'd be happy to purchase it just to support Katamari's return and on PC no less! Lets hope they include all of the cutscenes from the original Japanese editions. I'm a little bit disappointed that they didn't, after all this time, include not just the original title but also the follow ups, particularly "We Love Katamari" (PS2) , "Beautiful Katamari" (Xbox360), and "Katamari Forever" (PS3). Either an anthology, or perhaps a single remastered title incorporating content, stages and music alike, from all the aforementioned titles.

Edit: Its kind of unusual that there weren't a number of "Katamari style" indie games, but I did manage to find one years ago on PC - you can even find it on Steam

If you want to get in some rolling before the Reroll arrives without emulating the older titles, check it out for an indie homage to Katamari!
There's another similar-ish game as well that isn't rolling, but it does have a very Katamari feel to it:

I can't find anything on Steam about this! I'm super excited to get a copy on PC finally, and the HD coat of paint looks pretty nice.
My wife loves those games and I enjoy just watching to see what kind of zany stuff she ends up picking up.
From memory, the first game was the best of the bunch. It had the best music and it wasn't desperately trying to top itself like the sequels were.
I can't find anything on Steam about this! I'm super excited to get a copy on PC finally, and the HD coat of paint looks pretty nice.
Ja, surprised there isn't a page for it up on Steam, yet, since it's supposed to come out tomorrow. Even games that don't have preorders usually have a store page up in advance of release.
Welp, it launched in the wee hours.. $40 CAD. I mean.. I'm probably still going to get it but that's steeper than I expected for an HD re-release.
Just to let eveeroyne know, there are a few places that sell the game for $20 or less - I picked it up for $18, which I feel is a better price for the title overall. GameBillet and WinGameStore specifically have it for this lower price by default - https://isthereanydeal.com/game/katamaridamacyreroll/info/

Overall the game is everything you remember (or if you didn't play original you're in for a treat if you like quirky games and/or inventive, Japanese style "weirdness") from the original PS2 era title, with a proper HD graphical upgrade. Most of the game content is nearly exactly as it was in the original, but there are a few differences and those I've found so far are actually pleasant surprises. For instance, the between-level "cinematics" are now properly animated where before they were more of a "flipbook" and (for the first time in the West) the vocals are available in the original Japanese! However remember this was originally a PS2 game so some mechanics may be found either charming or annoying depending: notably, you must manually save your game at the little "house" on the Prince's planet, between levels.

Even at $30 I'd say it is worth it, but for $18 it feels a little more on point for an HD upgrade of an older, niche title. Though I still feel that it would have been nice to get a whole "pack" of upgraded Katamari games like I mentioned above, hopefully the success of the title will mean more Katamari on PC be it more HD remakes of existing titles or being a platform for entirely new ones!