Kaans NZXT Mod


Feb 24, 2010
heres my first worklog with my NZXT M59
I don't like the front, so ill make a new :D
i hope its not so bad that i cant write very good english ...:mad:

my system:
P7p55d LE ( i search a P7P55d-E)
5770 ( i search a 5850)
be quiet straight power 580
core i5-750
mushkin ddr3 1600
an a NZXT m59

on the top ill put a 360 radiator and in the front a 240 ;-)
Evrithing will be sleeved by MDPC-X

Thank you to Aquatuning for my liquid cooling system

and to Phobya

My case now


to do list:
- new Front (plexiglass/perspex)
-radiator aperture
-no hdds shaft
- place for a 240mm radiator :D
-sleeve aquamarin blue and blak the yellow cables will be sleeved in blue
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Here you go:


How will you change the front panel? Maybe you can put a new front panel on it from the HAF 922 or something.
i think, ill buy frontpanel with usb audi in out and firewire...
but the panel from the haf 922 hasnt a firewire :)
maybe i use my own.... i dont know, firt, i didnt want to use a frontpanel but now, ill have a ftrinpanel on the side where the air of the radiators came out :D
Update :D
Thank you for the Liqui....System Aquatuning :D

Mafia :D


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Looks... ok...

you going to put hose clamps on those barbs? :confused:

so you didn't add the RAM loop?
New Sponsor, do you find them? temps with Overclock auf 3.1ghz vei 34° :D

Be Quiet: BYE!!!!!

Be Quiet: Not Good ;D

34° 3.1 GHZ

Good luck. What's wrong with Be Quiet though? They're not well known but definetly a quality brand.
wohooo its update time :)

i want to make this

like this:

fucking work :) it had a wrong hole, 1mm :)

first its like this:

The paint job is nice. It looks like the plastic is actually blue.

I see you are installing the motherboard and uninstalling it from the case. Sometimes you need to put all the parts in, and then make measurements of where the radiator goes, etc. When it comes to watercooling you gotta plan it out right.... and most of the time all rads are of different sizes so not every case is gonna just fit one right in without a little trial and error.
no more /i dont know)
i hope its quiet

now i can turn the radiator :)


cut my hand, no i was lucky

Not to thread crap, but...

All I've seen through your pics is the complete destruction of case when attempting to mod it and you cut your finger.

If I do that can I get sponsored?
Maybe from his extreme cpu and gpu cooling solutions used in these last pictures.