Just can't find a good computer chair...


Dec 24, 2017
Hey guys. I've done lots of research and been through a few computer chairs the past few months or so, but I just can't find one that's right so was hoping you could help. I spend hours working at my computer everyday so I need something really comfortable for extended hours of use.

The first chair I got was an AKracing K7012 series (same as the Prime series). This was the comfiest computer chair I've ever sat in because the entire seat was covered in fabric and had lots of cold foam that was very squishy and felt great to sit on for many hours. Though I found the wings on the back rest squashed my shoulders together too much and dug into the back of my arms, so I had to return it.

I then got their Arctica series chair (same as the Premium series). While this chair was covered in PU leather that didn't feel as nice as the fabric, it did solve the arm and shoulder problem because it's much more open up top than the K7012. But, it is narrower on the bottom half and squashed my legs together too much. So, this one had to go too.

Next, I got the Noble Icon which I had read a review for on this site. I like the open design of this chair as I don't feel the need to be held in tight. But, the seat is horrible to sit on for more than a matter of minutes and makes me go numb due to the lack of padding at the back half of the seat and how firm it is - way too much for my liking!

So now I'm looking to get a new chair once again. I don't like the feeling of sitting on leather chairs so I think I'm ruling them out as far as the actual seating area for the butt goes. So, Fabric or Mesh is the way to go I guess. I like chairs with soft and thick padding so I can sit on them for hours without discomfort (I don't care if a hard surface is more ergonomic and better for my spine or whatever - it hurts my ass so I don't like it haha.). I can't spend more than £300 and there are no places anywhere near me to go and test chairs before buying. So, any recommendations from you guys? I don't care much about looks, I just want comfort.

Thanks for your help :)
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You can...

1) Go to a store and sit in them before buying

2) Go to an office, see which chair you find comfortable, and consider getting serious about your purchase by buying something that may be more expensive than what you initially had in mind


3) Continue wasting a bunch of time reenacting Goldilocks and the Three Bears

The chairs that you list are all "gaming" chairs, not really computer chairs. Really they are meant to look cool, nobody needs racing side bolsters at their desk. Plenty of people will rave about gaming chairs but I suspect many of those are coming from a $50 office depot chair and it is their first time with a better chair.

See if you can find an office furniture showroom near you and go sit in lots of chairs. Sadly bonded leather and mesh have taken over, fabric is hard to find. The mid-range office chairs are usually $400-$700, quite adjustable, and will last. You can go high-end brands like Herman Miller, Humanscale, Steelcase, etc. to get a upgrade on looks but often not more comfort than the mid-range brands. I recently bought a HON Ignition with a fabric back and am quite happy with it, see here for my review.
@Xinmosni - No not really. There's nothing like that where I live. I'd have to travel at least a couple hundred miles to find a good shop with chairs I could test.

Zepher - Yeh I have been watching a load of them on Ebay tonight as I know people speak highly of them. Not many people are willing to deliver though. $200 seems very cheap for one of them! They seem to be going for more than that here, but maybe I can get lucky and find a good one in my price range :)

stephen2002 - Yeh I know about all that. I don't care about getting a cool racing style chair like I said. I just want something comfortable. Still, the K7012 was very comfortable other than being a little too restrictive on my shoulders and arms, so it is totally possible to get something good enough in that price range. I'll check out your review too.

One of the best chairs I've ever owned is the WorkPro Quantum 9000. I've owned a lot of chairs. Super comfortable. I'm on my 2nd chair. They last a long long time.
Thanks for the tip. I'm trying to look that chair up and it doesn't seem like it's sold in Europe. There is a shop that sells some of their other chairs though. I'll spend a bit of time looking into them later and see what I can find out. Thanks.
Seems I might've got lucky. Found a good looking HM Aeron on ebay from someone who's willing to post. I'll find out if my purchase was good soon :p
Barber's chairs can sometimes be found for a bargain. Heavy and ugly, tho. "Gaming chairs" can look tacky, tho, so...

I might just find a comfy office/gaming chair, then take it to a fabrication shop and have them weld either an extension to it or an entirely different taller base that has support for your feet.
So I just picked one of these up and put it together. As of me linking this its $180 on sale.

If you can get one of those Aeron chairs for less than this chair on sale get it. Its not worth full price, but it is better than an average $200 office chair new. Previously mentioned Aeron chairs aren't average though.

Edit - I've sat in it more. Hers how I'd rate things. Aeron chair > TC70 on sale > Average Office Chair > Overpriced Gaming Chair > Wooden Stool > Metal Folding Chair
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Aeron chairs are horrible.

Steelcase Gesture chair is where it is at!

I tried plenty of Herman Miller chairs did not like any of them. Even the Aeron chair like I said.
Aeron chairs are horrible.

Steelcase Gesture chair is where it is at!

I tried plenty of Herman Miller chairs did not like any of them. Even the Aeron chair like I said.

If you ever see a Steelcase Gesture chair for under $200 please PM me.
What the longest you all sat in a chair for ?
Since I work from home and my gaming setup is literally a swivel away...Many days I sit in my chair for 14ish hours, aside from bathroom breaks, stepping outside for a smoke, etc.
A couple of times I was so hyperfocused on gaming/coding/etc that I stood up and about collapsed from not using my legs for so long :cautious: