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Dec 27, 2015
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Sounds fun to me. I like PG, just never have time to dedicate to it. Anything special we need to know for AP27?
I would suggest running a few AP27 tasks first to see if you see any issues. The high end Nvidia cards are the best.

How to Participate?
To participate in the Challenge, please select only the AP 27 (AP27) project in your PrimeGrid preferences section. The challenge will begin 18th November 2016 18:00 UTC and end 23rd November 2016 18:00 UTC. Application builds are available for Linux , Windows and MacIntel CPU and GPUs. High end Nvidia GPUs will have a very large advantage.

Tasks will take ~23 hours on average for CPUs and ~100 minutes on average for GPUs. If your computer is highly overclocked, please consider "stress testing" it. If you haven't run the AP app before, we strongly suggest running it before the challenge while you are monitoring the temperatures.

Please, please, please make sure your machines are up to the task.

Information about scoring based on 2016 AP27 challenge. Much different from FB sprint event.
Scoring Information

Scores will be kept for individuals and teams. Only tasks issued AFTER 18 November 2016 18:00 UTC and received BEFORE 23 November 2016 18:00 UTC will be considered for credit. We will be using the same scoring method as we currently use for BOINC credits.
A quorum of 2 is NOT needed to award Challenge score - i.e. no double checker. Therefore, each returned result will earn a Challenge score. Please note that if the result is eventually declared invalid, the score will be removed

Looking at the past five challenges, TAAT is sitting between 3rd to 5th place most of the time, at least based on CPU projects. I think they have decent GPUs. If we can more than double their output, there is a good chance that they will gain the number 1 spot.
And to clarify we're jumping in with TAAT on this right?
Wait, direct registration isn't required right? We just need to be on the TAAT team when the event happens right so points go towards their team?
There is no team registration. Just need to check "AP27" project in your project preference.

I'm currently running Einstein but will move to AP27 for the challenge.
Okay sounds good. I'll join them the day it starts then. Still a good chance the next Sprint could be PrimeGrid which will happen before the PG event.
Sure, I'll send my Titan Xp in for the fun. "TeAm AnandTech" is the correct name I presume? I should fire up on the correct team and project in a few minutes. I'll see how things go with it and might be able to add a 1070 too. The rest of my cards probably aren't good enough to worry about.
Less than 6 hours to the starting line. Only three?:(

13th hour update:

[H]TAAT took 1st spot. As a standalone team we are at 5th spot behind CNT. T77T will be at 7th spot without us.

atp1916 is aiming to gun down tng*.



Fixed my drivers, so my points should be going up a lot. I think everyone knows, but be sure you are running 3xx.xx drivers. 4xx.xx run terrible on AP27.
Unfortunately, I am unable to go home to change drivers. Otherwise, my production would be much better.
After the 1st full day of challenge, we are still at 5th but the combined team continues to increase the lead over the second team.

Note1: Using 390.77 drivers on W10 Pro w/ latest update.

Note2: AP27 needs more bandwidth than the 3.0 x1 link can provide.

Task times are ~50% higher on my x1 link cards versus the slot 0 full x16 cards.

Also noticed that x1 cards are consuming ~40% CPU utilization (regardless of app_config) while the slot 0 cards are ~<10% CPU util.
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Well, I know the driver advice is true for Pascal. Not sure about volta or turing.
With about 21 hours left, no one is going to stop [H]|TAAT train.

On our own, we are still at 5th while TAAT is at 7th. The combined team effort is truly impressive with atp1916 contributing half of [H] output.

Stay tune for the upcoming last FB sprint of the year on Nov 21st (Wed) at 12 noon (PST) / 3pm (EST)