Judge Delays Waymo Uber Case Due to Lawyers' Incompetence


Jun 22, 2008
A judge overseeing the Waymo v. Uber case rebuked lawyers of both companies for being unscrupulous delaying the trial until early December. Waymo claims that Uber stole trade secrets and patent ideas due to hiring a former employee of theirs who had downloaded 14,000 files containing its intellectual property and left Waymo before being hired by Uber. This could very well end up being the trial of the century.

"I'm going to give you a schedule, and we're not going to argue about it," US District Judge William Alsup said after a one-hour hearing today. "We're going to pick the jury on November 29. We will start the trial on December 4, and it will run until December 20."

Over the course of a 90-minute hearing today, the two sides had a heated dispute over what documents were produced and when depositions happened. Waymo lawyer Charles Verhoeven said that tens of thousands of documents were only handed over after the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit recently ruled that Uber must hand over the "due diligence" report produced by Stroz Friedberg.
I especially liked the response to the Uber Lawyer who said he had a schedule conflict with his other cases.

"Well, you only need three of the lawyers over there to try this case," Alsup said, gesturing to Uber's table full of attorneys. "We will miss you greatly. I was looking forward to seeing you perform in this case. But next time, maybe you ought to produce the documents."​
That is smart judge of course.
But those Uber lawyers aint dumb.. I smell Uber is guilty, lawyers are doing their job injecting delays and confusion as much as possible... you present a massive mess with tons of papers to the average joe, and they freeze and stop caring in a sec.. in your mind if you freeze, don't care and don't understand.. what do you do? you leave things as-is, no ' guilty' party, no nothing for Waymo.
Lawyers? Unscrupulous!?

What the hell is the world coming to?
Im guilty of these type of jokes as much as the next guy... But in reality who you going to run to when you in trouble with the law? Yeah, i want my lawyer as agressive as possible.. shit even 'unscrupulous' specially if I am guilty.