JPMorgan Chase Uses AI Powered Video Game as a Recruitment Tool


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Mar 3, 2018
Recent reports claim that JPMorgan Chase are trialing "neuroscience-based video games" from pymetrics as a intern recruiting tool. The games supposedly assess applicants' "social, cognitive and behavioral features, such as attention, memory and altruism," and attempt to identify what job the applicant might be best suited for. But, unlike Amazon's "biased" AI recruiting tool, pymetrics says their "Netflix-like recommendation algorithm" is fair and accurate. As the report mentions, it appears that companies are getting more comfortable with the use of machine learning powered recruitment tools, in spite of the potential pitfalls associated with their use.

Large firms have been increasingly turning to technology to make recruitment and other human resources processes more fair. Systems also include applications that scan performance reviews for unconscious bias or that monitor job ads for phrases that might dissuade a certain demographic from applying ."Our re-imagining of how we hire is part of a broader objective at the firm where we are asking ourselves: 'Can we better meet our diversity goals by broadening the pool of candidates we are considering?'," Mitro said. JPMorgan's pilot will continue with applicants for 2020 internships in the United States, he added, noting that this technology would only be one step of the selection process.
If a significant portion of all hiring in North America is word of mouth and nepotistic for the higher end salary bands exactly how does an AI anything fix that?
"sometimes you might need to hire impulsive inattentive @ssholes" Instead of just using your eyes and ears you can pay us big $$$$ to identify that through a cheesy game.
They didn't mention the most important metric: competency. If you don't measure that, then everything else is worthless. But then again, they are only using this on interns, and let's face it, at that point in their lives they probably don't have a lot of competence to measure.
I've heard of this somewhere before...

Also, I imagine an intern with a high Altruism score would be rapidly shown the door.
My last comprehensive evaluation by an AI showed that I was most suited for the role and title "Dictator for Life." However, due to the scarcity of open positions and turnover rate of such a job description, I decided to limit my applications to tropical island nations and arctic gulags that do not address me as "Comrade."