Joost invitation?

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If someone has one, let me know.. I will do the same if I get on the Beta list...
I've been on the Venice Project beta for a while now and my invite level has always been stuck at zero. I don't think they're allowing beta testers to invite people yet. Granted, I haven't dl'ed the latest client with the Joost branding yet, but I doubt its changed. This is just a PSA for anyone attempting to buy their way into Joost : the invite is probably bogus.
I signed up for the Venice Project awhile ago and have yet to get in. It sounds promising, although I hear the content is a bit on the sparse side. I really hope it uses the same protocols as bittorrent. Because if the current Net Neutrality laws pass ISP's can still do traffic and packet shaping. However if they cant distinguish between Joost and other Bittorrent's they will probably have to stop, because I suspect Joost will become large enough to fight ISP's that break any potential Net Neutrality law.
Iam looking for one invitation for joost , Iam waiting for that tank's in advance

I don't know how long the wait is now, but I signed up for their waiting list very late (about three weeks ago) and received an automated invitation a day or two ago through their system. This seems to indicate they are opening the beta to a larger audience. So for those wanting an account, sign up for their waiting list if you haven't already.
Hi everybody!

Anyone who grabbed an invite from me, your invites have been sent. If you did not receive one, you are not getting one at this point. I will let everyone know if when I get more.
Anyone got an invite to Joost? I have invites to Blackcats-Games and Torrentleech available if someone can get me an invite to Joost. Thanks!
Wow, I haven't heard of this till now. It looks very cool. I would love an invite if anyone would give me one.
Would love an invite as well!

I'd like an invite please. I can trade an invite for HDbits if you give me a Joost. :)
I add my name to the list of people looking for invites. If I could get one, I'll make sure to give out invites at HardOCP when I get invites of my own to send out. So, um, a vote for me is a vote for exponential growth :D

So, PM or space_for_rent1 AT hotmail DOT com
please invite me

bakku_x AT hotmail DOT com

i'll return the invites to the community when i get the account.
I would like an invite and would hook someone else back up @ [H]
Thanks, PM me if can hook a long time member of [H] up!

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This rule applies to invitations as well. ;)
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