Mar 30, 2007
Been looking for a good Bluetooth speaker for a while and I ran across this at Amazon. It may be an older model but that does not affect the sound quality! For such a small speaker it has incredibly good bass. Was using it today in a large open living room/rec area/kitchen and at about 1/4 volume it easily filled the area with rich, impressive sound. 6000 mAH battery is supposed to give it 12 hours play time at moderate volume. Played it today for about 7 hours and the battery indicator still shows 5/5 dots. It's also got a audio in phone jack (3.5mm), micro USB in for charging, and a USB type A for charging your phone (hence the name Charge 2+).

Posting this because:
1. I'm thoroughly impressed with the speaker.
2. It's Christmas time and surely there is someone on your list that would like it.
3. Retail on this is around $150 (based on the pricing for some of the other colors) so at $69 it's a pretty good deal.
4. Did I mention how impressed I am with it?
Bonus point: If you buy one Kyle gets a cut.
I don't know that specific speaker but +1 for JBL's in general. Great cone rigidity, low mass and sometimes, they shape the wire extrusion to be able to pack more wraps on the voice coil. The one you're talking about surec sonds like a winner.
I got one a couple years ago on a Best But sale for $75. First one had a busted aux input that didn't work, swapped it out and was happy with it for a year or so until the battery started dying on it. Now it dies in just a few hours of playback and if I try to charge my phone from it, the audio pops and buzzes horribly. I tried to do an RMA on JBL's website too even though it was barely out of warranty and a page refused to load on multiple devices, so that made it impossible (don't think I could call them for it either).

Other than that, it does sound great as a small speaker. It's nice that it's water resistant too, so you can just rinse it off in the sink if it gets nasty.
During Black Friday I was looking at this or the Creative Roar 2, the creative was on sale for $85 which seemed like a great price (now they are ~$130).

I was hesitant for a while to get a blue tooth speaker and then I got a cheapy one from a Fry's one day sale and I have really enjoyed it. Sounds much better and carries further then the phone speaker and very portable. So I have been looking to get a better quality unit like this or the creative.
Can't speak for the long term quality yet as I've only had the unit for a couple weeks but I'm hoping it will be good. The Creative Roar 2 is a nice looking unit and has a few more bells and whistles than the JBL Charge 2+. Haven't auditioned the Roar so I can't say what the audio quality is like but I don't think you would be disappointed with the sound of the Charge.
How do these compare to the UE Boom 2? Those are on sale for around $80 currently.