Hah, I need another PSU so I can set my TV PC back up. It can handle all of it. Girthy.

Also, [H] hasn't done any RMi reviews. I'd want Paul to run it through first. INFO FOR THE PEOPLES.
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Saving to build my fiancee a new gaming PC. This could get me major brownie points, if you know what I mean... :sneaky:
I would love to have a big shiny white unit shoot loads of stringy cables all over my face
Please and thank you! looks like a nice PSU!
Who doesn't want a nice what PSU? maybe witha few white components in my case, i'll actually be able to find a black thumbscrew that falls for a change, lol

Love me some corsair, was one of the first to own an 800d! it was so fresh it's motherboard holes were out of whack! ... ah, early adoption, the fun you entail!
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I think it would look great in my emergency rebuild I just finished.

new build.jpg
I have a big black box that it could slide into. I just ordered up a big sausage pizza though so I'll have to wash my hands before wrapping my hands around it and shoving it in, taking screw after screw.



But seriously, getting a bit too close to maxing out my 850 :(
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In the white case with black details in my office.
Window'd panels, all sleeved cables, lighted accents... this would probably look pretty rad.

after 10+ years on a trusty Seasonic 750w it might be time to swap it out for a Corsair
Good Luck to all that have reply to HardOCP Give-Away. Season Greetings to all.
It will look great in the massive Snow Edition build that I'll be obligated to embark on if you send me a free PSU.
Actually building a storm trooper rig now that this lovely white PSU would fit nicely into.
This big white 'thang would conduct my current cheap-ass PSUs to the cuck shed/NAS build so lightning fast, that they couldn't make any resistance to such an unmanageable level of Hertz!

They both want the whole thing. At the same time.
This would give me exactly the excuse I need to build a new computer in order to experience AMD's "premium VR," just in time to see if Zen is premium, or "premium."
My current power supply is black, not sure if I'm allowed to go back. :eek:
I think there is a joke here, but damn if Ill say it out loud, otherwise having a spare PSU, especially something as "cool" as this would be awesome!