Is Xeon X3470 good for gaming? compare to I5 6500


Sep 12, 2016
I thinking about getting X3470 and a mitx h55 motherboard to play games on it with my cousin, i could get i5 6500 but too expensive (which have better value)
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That functionally equal to a i7-870. So take the benchmarks for that.

Keep in mind that modern i3's walk the same numbers that chip puts out, with far less power consumption.
I have the X3460, and while it can definitely handle most games @ 1080p, it cries compared to a 2500k. Something to do with memory bandwidth if i recall properly. Plus, SB was a real looker.

If you plan to go old, pick X58+a hexacore, or a P67/Z68 rig.

PLus, unless you already have it. a mITX mobo for s1156 is incredibly rare to find, and expensive. Hell, even mATX boards are upwards of $100. My own P55 micro got a random offer for $110 like 4 months ago (It is not on sale though)
So should i got with i5 2400 with h61 motherboard or g3258 with h81 motherboard(almost the same price). And do u guys know any mitx motherboard that have ddr3 sodimm ram with a full size pcle, because i have 8gb of sodimm ddr3?(1155 or 1150)