is there any long term damage to a univeral player if you pause at a certain frame in prolong manner

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Jul 1, 2004
So I bought a yamaha BD-A1060, use it solely as a CD player via random mode.

Normally w/ any CD / DVD players I own in the past decades, say you are half way at song 2, you press stop, then 10 min. later, you go back to press Play, it continues from the half way pt. of song 2 and continues

I notice this is not the case w/ yamaha. If I press Stop, then 10 min. later, I go back to Play, it starts at the very beginning, song 1, 00:00.

So I have to use the pause button. But if I use the pause button, I mount at a certain frame for say 15 min., and I do this all the time, is there any long term damage to the player? will it shorten the life span?
impossible for us to answer, as we are not engineers for Yamaha.

Worst case there's no difference playing 15 minutes to pausing 15 minutes.
I can't see why... CD works similar to hard drive mechanicals. There's the platter motor and the head stepper, and pausing at any point shouldn't be any worse than playing a CD. It should happily sit where ever all day long.

Now why Yamaha programmed their player that way - probably just thought that was what most people would want.
that's good to hear., as the logic control of yamaha is not very good. For e.g., if the tray is out, I have to press the eject button to close the tray before I push the power off button

w/ other brands, if I push OFF the tray automatically retract.

I have own many CD / DVD player, and 3 blu-ray player of various brands thru out the years, this is the 1st time I have seen the stop button NOT re-starting to the prev. spot