Is there a way to remove the bottom half of the stop watch(blank space) on Windows 10?

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Jul 1, 2004
for those who uses a small tablet, you select stop watch, and the stop watch display appears, as the stop watch starts, all I need is the top half of that screen, the bottom half is just blank space. But when I use the arrow to resize the stop watch, it only reduces to a small square, but still shows the bottom half of that useless space. Is there a way to kill the bottom half?

see link

anything below the PLAY button, I want to get rid of, as my tablet is only 10"
update: after put up w/ a piece of junk software called
PC Chromo on my tablet for 10 mth. I finally ditch it. The software is so poor, it's slow and I can't never close the software as the x button is super small on a 10" tablet. All the other software, the x button on the close is regular size, PC chromo is like a small x by comparison.

Today, I got a new software called cute timer. It actually gives me 1/1000 of a second on the stop watch. It's fast, the x button is regular size, I can close it. And I no longer need to use the windows 10 stop watch
I'm still using Cool Timer. Small, so for people like me who has a 10" tablet, the smaller the better. It c/w many colors, and it doesn't take up all that useless space at the bottom, like the one from microsoft.
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